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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted my favorite articles and news stories from the last week. Check out these five chart-toppers from my blog reel:

My Travel Essentials - National Geographic writer, Andrew Evans, explains his travel must-haves that help him survive and thrive on the road. He spent the last four nights in four different countries. He’s the real deal. 

Global Guide to Electrical Outlets and Voltage - Anytime I’ve traveled overseas, one of the most research-inducing processes was figuring out which plug shape and voltage converter I needed. Matador Network just made it easier on all of us by explaining once and for all what’s what in the world of international electrical current. 

How to Quit Your Job and Travel the World - This hardcore account of how to make the impossible happen speaks to my inner-go getter, but my inner-realist stil isn’t sure if it’s something he could pull off. Plus, what happens when you get back from traveling the world? Whatever, it’s still awesome. 

Long-haul Air Travelers Gain Comfort from New Product - When I traveled to India (direct flight from Chicago - 15 hours), I experienced the Economy Class Syndrome this article speaks of. I wouldn’t be opposed to trying out Fresh Legs, no matter how ‘grandma’ they appear to be.

Inter-Rail Europe - My Top Ten Tips - Hostel World guest blogger, Rob Fehily, spent a month training through Europe and divulges some insider secrets. I want to do this. You probably do too. Read this. 

Tuesday’s Travel Links - on Wednesday!

Travel Debate: Relaxed vs. Adventurous Holidays - Ah ha! This is something I recently alluded to, so I’m glad to hear others have the same dilemma. To relax, or not to relax. Read what Lonely Planet folk have to say. 

Top 5 Health and Wellness Retreats - If you’re on the vacations-are-for-relaxin’ side of the debate above, then you’ll be interested in this. Viator put together a list of the poshest spa getaways in the world. Even if you’re not interested, the pictures are worth a moment of your time. 

Taste of Philly Food Tour - For being from Pennsylvania, I’ve surprisingly not been to Philadelphia save for one ill-fated family road trip that turned into a city-wide hunt for the last available hotel room, and this food tour is makin’ me want to go back (with hotel reservations). 

Best Places to Get Naked Around the World - Need I say more? 

Live in a Museum for a Month -If you’d like to visit Chicago this fall, and you enjoyed those “Night at the Museum” movies, then consider entering the Month at the Museum contest put on by the Museum of Science and Industry. If you win, you’ll save a bundle on hotel fees, take home $10,000 and have some amazing vacation stories to tell about one of the world’s largest science museums. Check out last year’s winner:

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TravelTuesday’s Travel Links

An Interview with a “Mad Flight Attendant” - Remember Steven Slater? The JetBlue flight attendant who went bonkers after an old lady “hit” him with her suitcase? Well, he’s back, and he’s writing a book. This article actually held my attention until the end, which made me want to read his book. 

Top Spots for Post-Rapture Travelers - So the world didn’t end on Saturday, but here’s several pictures of heaven on earth that you can experience first hand (if that’s where you’re headed, that is). Pictures!

The Nightmare Returns - Ever get stranded in Europe because of a volcanic ash cloud? I have! And it sucks. Well, the misery is back. Thank goodness I’m not going to Europe this summer. 

A Tour of the World’s Best Amusement Parks - I’m not an amusement park fan, but I figure some of you might be. These places actually pretty impressive and, if you’re me, scary.

Obama’s Beast Gets Stuck - Oopsie. As Obama’s motorcade leaves the U.S. Embassy in Dublin, his car gets stuck in the driveway. Hilarious. 

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TravelTuesday’s Travel Links

Seven Top Reasons to go on a Round-the-World Trip - As if you needed one reason, much less seven. 

Worlds 10 Best Places to Climb - I’m not a climber, but this article has a picture of Mt. Kilimanjaro that makes me want to climb. 

Frontier Sale for Travel in October - Frontier airlines is offering $49 one-way flights in October to select cities. Featured travel destinations include Denver, Boston, and Los Angeles, just to name a few. 

California, Here They Come. Tips for the Royal Newlyweds - The NY Times put together a few recommended stops for when the Will and Kate stop by the land of sun and fun. And although you’re not a royal, you might acquire travel inspiration yourself. 

Plane Sways out of control Near Landing - Have you seen this? It’s my landing nightmare come true!

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TravelTuesday’s Travel Links

How to Avoid Museum Fatigue - Lonely Planet put together a few tips on not letting a museum get the best of you. 

The Most Luxorious Tourist Bus in the World - AOL Travel features a rather unconventional tourist bus that looks like the bat mobile. But, it’s electric! 

10 Natural Wonders to see Before They Disappear - Budget Travel lists (with pictures) ten of the most interesting places that might not be there in 100 years (not that you will be either).

Got Wanderlust? - British Airways and American Airlines partnered up to offer an amazing giveaway. The catch? You have to take a transatlantic trip by June 30, but if you do, you could will a million airline miles (which I think gets you an around-the-world vacation).

TravelTuesday’s Travel Links

Hotels Where Famous People Have Died - No explanation required, really.

Renting a Car in Europe - What’s New? - If you’re not afraid to drive in a foreign country AND you’re traveling to Europe soon, you might want to read up on what’s new in world of European car rentals. Also, Ed Perkin’s (the author) headshot is always worth a look-see. 

Budget Travel’s Reader’s Choice Awards - Each year Budget Travel polls their readers to see what’s popular and what’s not in the world of travel. Now’s your chance to let your voice be heard. Vote!

10 Reasons to Take a Football Tour in Rio - Attention all you football (aka soccer) lovers, not that you need ten reasons to take a tour of Rio, but if you do, here they are. 

Sky-High Rage: The Meanest Airlines in America - I love stories like this. TIME gathered travel data and concluded the most unsatisfactory airlines flying the free skies. I was surprised at the results. 

Travel Tuesday’s Travel Links

Hotel Madness: No Free Wi-Fi Wins! - This year’s Hotel Madness is over. I guess after weeks of polling, Gadling discovered travelers’ greatest complaint: no free wi-fi.

The 20 Best-Kept Secrets of Washington D.C. - If D.C. isn’t my favorite city, it’s pretty darn close. Budget Travel put together 20 lesser-known activities you can do in the city of scandal. Definitely an interesting read. 

Southwest Safety Crisis Part of Larger Pattern of Improper Maintenance? - SmarterTravel discusses Southwest’s recent safety scare and what it means for the airline as a whole.

Couple Survives (natural) Disaster Honeymoon - MSNBC tells of a couple who experienced the worst mother nature had to offer on their four-month long honeymoon. I repeat, four-month honeymoon.  

Dive Into the Deep - Virgin Oceanic announced this week their mission to explore the world’s last frontier, the bottom of the ocean. Though a ride in their submersible isn’t yet open to the public, I’m sure it will be in my lifetime. Read all about it on Virgin Oceanic’s website.